A little bit about me.

Hello! My name's Lorraine (Lor) and ever since I was a kid, drawing has been my hobby. I drew all the time, everyday, and it became my strongest skill... and when I got to college I realized that it was my main strength so I had no choice but to pursue it.
I got my degree in Studio Art at Indiana University. After graduation I worked various ridiculous part-time jobs to support myself as best I could while I continued to do art. Recently my freelance career has really started to take off. I've gotten some commissions with Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight, and a number of other game companies and individuals.

I'm really happy with how my career is unfolding and how much I've grown as an artist! I'm always looking forward to learning more and being better than I was the day before! If you happen to need an illustrator to work with on a project, would like some advice on how to get your own illustration career going, or just to say Hello, please feel free to email me!